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Congratulations to our award winners for 2020!

  • Chapter of the Year: USS Stella Pirata
  • Commander of the Year: CO Maria Dutilly USS Stella Pirata
  • Officer of the year: Lt JG John Price, USS Katherine Johnson
  • Charity Chapter of the year: USS Goddard
  • Helping hands: Captain Chad Griffiths USS Matrix
  • Enlisted member of the year: MCPO Maggie Restivo USS Katherine Johnson
  • Flag Officer of the Year: ADM Alex Rosenzweig XO USS Avenger
  • Newsletter of the year: USS Banneker
  • Website of the year: USS Adamant
  • Shake down ship of the year: USS Katherine Johnson
  • Support chapter of the year: USS Banneker
  • Staff member of the year: ADM Jeff Victor