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My friends,

We will have ‘official’ official news regarding this year’s Region 7 Conference very soon. Our very own Chief of Staff Jeff Victor is in final negotiations with the hotel we have chosen and we should have word soon (ie a contract).

Thus far, I can say this:

1. The dates of this year’s conference will be November 8-10. The bulk of programming will be on Saturday and Sunday, as it was last year. Friday evening will be the RC mixer hosted by yours truly.

2. The location will be the Embassy Suites in Hunt Valley, right across the street from the Hunt Valley Inn, home to the annual Shore Leave convention.

3. Room rates are as follows: $129 per night (sleeps 4) and $149 per night (sleeps 6). We do not have to purchase any minimum number of rooms. The meeting room(s) will be what the region is paying for.

4. I am currently working on programming alongside our very own VRC, Mr. Bob Vosseller.

5. The restaurant we wish to go to for the Saturday night dinner will be the “Silver Springs Mining Company” (fried pickles!!!).

That is what I can tell you thus far. Things are, of course, subject to change, but we wanted to let you know we had not forgotten the conference and that we were not going to spring it upon the region a couple of months before it was to be hosted.

I will keep the region up to date on this and I hope to have final word on al this very soon. I thank you for your patience and your anticipated attendance at the 2013 Region 7 Conference!

Rear Admiral Wayne L. Augustson
Commanding Officer- U.S.S. Britannic NCC-71818
Region 7 Coordinator