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Farpoint Meeting
18 February 2012
Crowne Plaza, Timonium, MD

Wayne welcomed all to the meeting.

Beryl performed the role call of chapters of Region 7

Wayne read the Financial report from Mike Stein.

Joe gave a report about Communications.

Mike Allen gave the Recruiting report. Karen Mitchell Carothers has joined the Recruiting Department.

Wayne then gave the Chief of Staff report. The Regional Conference was announced, and details were given. It will be October 20th and 21st.

Beryl gave the Regional Awards report. Regional awards will be opening Monday, February 20th. Award nominations will end on April 1st. Beryl showed what the Awards page looks like, via a printed copy. She also explained what she is looking for in the Awards nomination page. She will not accept nominations submitted in any way other than the Web page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Beryl.

The Sovereign is doing a raffle during the meeting.

Bob was not at the meeting, as he was on the road getting to the Con.

Wayne gave his report. We have launched one new chapter, the USS Robert E Lee, the CO is LGEN Larry Neigut. Wayne thanked all for filing the reports this month on time. Bid period for Regional Conference is going on currently.

Upcoming events include ICON and Shore Leave.

The election for Regional Coordinator will be in May.

Joe gave the Marine Report.

Beryl and Joe gave the Reporting Certificates to those who had Perfect Reporting.

Karen gave out one promotion award for the USS Richthofen. She also discussed the Trek Olympics, which will be May 19th.

Keith discussed some of the activities that the USS Abraham Lincoln will be doing in the upcoming months.

The USS Susquehannock will be having Sci-Fi day, September 22nd.

June 23rd the USS Avenger will be celebrating their 27th anniversary.

The winner of the Sovereign Raffle was Judy. The raffle raised $75 for the Region.